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Default Bad cropping - any suggestions?

I'd appreciate any suggestions on this one, if it's worth fixing.


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You need to crop some of the smoke off. Not all, just about half. Then it should get on.
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everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."
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I think it's close, just a bit tall. I took a bit off top & bottom and I think it changes the look of thing for the better. When doing verticals (any crop actually) I always try to think of how it would look enlarged and hanging on a wall and then try to crop to a common frame proportion. IMO 4X6 verticals do not look good when viewed in that manner unless they are of something tall and skinny like ME (40 years ago!) or a signal tower. We are just so used to seeing things in 4X6 or more because of our camera sensors and the fact that we are living in a landscape world, what with movie screens and TVs getting wider all the time that we get a bit lazy when we rotate things 90 degrees. Remember 8X10 always used to be the standard portrait ratio. That's because it works best for the human face most times (and is an easy ratio to measure when building a frame). I actually used the PS 5X7 pre-set for this crop because to my eye it looked the best. If you split-screen them side by side, you'll see what I mean. Good luck!
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You might sharpen it just a bit as well.
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