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Default What in the world?!

First off, I'm not trying to whore any views here. I just acquired a mac on Monday. My version of CS2 that I've been using religiously ever since I could remember is gone. I'm not even sure I could even use it on this machine. ANYWHO....I went ahead an purchased Elements 9. It has pretty much all the features and tools I used in CS2 on the PC. Having a bit of an issue though. I'm processing fine. I'm resizing fine, sharpening is the same as with CS2. Now, I don't know if something is getting lost in the process here or what, but my images look great through Elements, nice and tack sharp. But when I view them on here, or anywhere on the big WWW, and when I open the image up a viewer, it looks like CRAP.

For example, this recent one

Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 379161
Photograph © Ben Sutton

I'm almost ashamed to have it up here. Seriously.

The images almost look distorted and very soft. I'm processing as normal, is there something I'm missing? Do I have some sort of setting unchecked? I'm saving at the highest possible setting (12) when I'm saving as a JPG. Any help would be appreciated.

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