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Default Sell me on NC and the Clinchfield

Last March, my best friends moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm going to visit them in early December and left a couple of extra days for trains. Aside from Rocky Mount, Old Fort, and a couple other random locations, I don't know a whole lot about this area, and haven't really seen any pictures that get me excited at all.

I was leaning towards possibly hitting up the Clinchfield territory, since it's a pretty popular spot, but mostly it seems to be trains running through trees and past a couple churches. The Copper Creek bridge and Natural Tunnel would be interesting places to visit, but aside from that, nothing that really stands out to me about this line. The Pokey and New River Gorge would be neat to visit but are probably a little too far away for me on this trip.

Basically, I'm thinking of eliminating the train portion of this trip and saving the vacation hours for a trip next year, but figured that there'd be some folks on here who know the area better and might be able to enlighten me on what this area has to offer.
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