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Default A BIG thank you to the forums!

Hey, its me, I posted a topic here when I first joined asking about what the screeners are looking for. I was really unsure of what kind of photos I should be taking in order to get them accepted on here. Well, you guys showed me what the srceeners are looking for, and I went back into my older photos and photo editored them (just a bit) and shot better pics with your suggestions in mind. Well, I am now up to 19 pictures. I was going to post when I had 20, but I just couldn't wait

Thank you guys so much, I couldn't have gotten so many shots on here with out your help!

Ohh, by the way, feel free to check my new shots out!!! There is a link in my signature, and if you want, tell me what ya think!!

Thanks much!!!!!
Chris G

My photos at RailPictures.Net
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That's how how I got my photos accepted. I just asked people what would work and I went out and took those photos.

Nice photos by the way.
RP.net pix
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Chris, you have excellent photos in the database. Keep up the great work.
Nick Hart
Joliet, IL

My pictures at RP:
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Aye. That's what has helped me as well. While there is much improvement to be made, I think I am heading in the right direction already.

As others have said, you've taken some great photos. Look forward to seeing more and hopefully I'll be adding more of my own soon.
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