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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman
In all seriousness, you cannot "drive" a train, why? Simply because it does not have a stearing wheel........
A "vehicle" has to have a steering mechanism in order to be driveable?


–verb (used with object)

1. to send, expel, or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion: to drive away the flies; to drive back an attacking army; to drive a person to desperation.

2. to cause and guide the movement of (a vehicle, an animal, etc.): to drive a car; to drive a mule.
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At the risk of getting this topic back on track (and y'all are taking the drive/run/pilot thing WAY too seriously), I generally like the photo in question as well. I certainly like the idea. However, I also agree that the photo would be somehwat better if certain parts of the tree branch were missing. Now, where did I put my 12" chainsaw?

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With respect to the photo in question. I think more train and less tree is the ways to go. Like the idea, but the branch curves over the train... not good.

As for the info, you should always supply correct information. If in doubt, put unknown until you can get a confirmation from another source. When you supply incorrect information, you risk the very survival of the human race and the destruction of the earth, too. Ok, maybe not, but if you don't know, don't guess.

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