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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
Hmm. Wow. Let me think: I wonder if I take photography seriously at all sometimes. I just went to school for it, worked at the biggest TV station in South Carolina at it, won a couple of awards with it..... Yeah, Chase, maybe you do take photography mroe seriously than I do.

Or maybe not everyone can afford a 7D before or after they buy their first car.

I meant if one is wishing to take photography seriously, perhaps a 50D, 7D, etc. would be a wiser purchase. If one is simply wishing to take photos on the weekend for an hour or two and doesn't take the hobby real serious may get better use of a Rebel, rather than dropping down a ton of money on a camera they'll rarely use.

I didn't imply (or at least I don't think I did) that everyone who owns a Rebel is a novice photographer while the people who own the 50D, 7D, etc. are the more serious and advanced photographers. That would be a ridiculous thing to assume that makes absolutely no sense.

Kind of foolish for one to think that.

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I was thinking about this the other day...why not start with, say, a 50D as opposed to a Rebel? I mean, really, what's so much more advanced in the 50D vs. a Rebel that's going to stump a beginner? Shutter speed works the same. Aperture works the same. They use the same lenses. They both have Auto functions and RAW capability. They both have a flash. One just happens to be housed in a bigger body than the other. So what's the difference?

BTW, I started with an XT and moved to a 40D primarily for the bigger body. But I've pulled the XT out of retirement this month, and now I am the railfan snob packing two SLRs: one with the big zoom for the 'mash and one for wide angle shots. It feels so pretentious...
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Probably the only camera I would ever recommend to a beginner.
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