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Default Why is this a bad angle?

Rejected for bad angle, any ideas as to why?

Yes, I could have gone for the standard sun over shoulder 3/4 wedge shot, but I wanted something different (and it's not that different) to show the distinctly European lines of the locomotive. At this angle I could also catch a slight glint on the louvred doors to the engine compartment.

Comments appreciated!

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Sometimes, RP does stick to it's motto of "The BEST railroad photos on the net".

This throws most of us off at times.

Your angle is generally not perceived as appealing. It's almost like "unlevel" but on a different axis, lol. Kind of a going away shot, too.

I think completely perpendicular would've worked and the glint does not merit the angle. As for "European lines", 3/4 would've done that. Standard and generic, perhaps, but a reverse 7/8th's glint shot is not necessarily any more appealing.

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Thanks Mitch, I don't agree entirely but I take your point.

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