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Default Cloudy , any opinion ?

Cloudy , any opinion ?

A shot took in an early morning was rejected for cloudy .

The sky does not look cloudy as
I can see the black electric wire clearly ,
just the buildings blocked the sunlight , any opinion ?

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Hmm. I like it. Given that it's black-n-white, and that the buildings obscure most of the sky, it doesn't really matter (to me) that it was a cloudy day. Perhaps brighten the side of the trolley a little in Photoshop (or whatever comparable program you use).
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just the buildings blocked the sunlight , any opinion ?
In this case, the buildings are the clouds. In other words, Poor Lighting rejuections are usually due to clouds blocking the sun. In this case, the buildings are blocking the sun and the same result occurs. It's just like shooting a train on a sunny day that's in the shadows of trees: it will get rejected here...
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