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Even though I'm using a crappy point 'n shoot, I thought this shot came out pretty good:


At first the horizon wasn't level (it actually was, but the train itself was tilted), I corrected this error and resubmitted. Can't do much about the "high sun" issue, but I don't quite understand the cropping problem, I like to capture the scene, which happens to highlight the cut of cars behind the locomotive, and not just the locomotive itself.

Any advice?
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Hey, Frankie;

I got to say that the first thing I noticed about this shot was the horrible watermark over the top of the picture. It's horrendous. That's my opinion, but I'll move on. I think the bad cropping comes in because there is a bit of room between the nose of the locomotive and the right side of the frame. The train is also centered too much top to bottom.

Now the lighting issues would kill this shot anyway, but your camera is probably going to keep you from getting on RP. However, if you tell folks what kind of camera you are using, they may be able togive you some pointers to get the most out of it that you can.

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Hey Frankie! That unlevel horizon has always had me in a blunder sometimes too, I simply appeal and instead of "bitching" I simply and kindly ask which way do they see fit to level the picture. Telephone poles lean, they always don't stand straight up and down, so it gets me when I go shooting in the desolate areas where it's not so "nice" so to say, that the train could be straight up and down but there's a lone pole leaning slightly then it kicks for unlevel. So is life! Like I said, simply and kindly ask which way they would like to see it straightened, either clockwise or counter cw. Now for the cropping, I'm not a huge fan of the "lone" tanker which you called a string of cars. I would have walked up closer to that string and got more of them, BUT only to make sure that you get the full loco and a few cars that are attached to that loco. High sun, it's a killer. With some good post processing, you can get around it. After 'acquiring' CS3, most of my shots on here (only 25 tho :-/ ) were hit with high sun but a few gamma and exposure settings (not shadow and highlights, can't stand it, too particular for me to grasp) I got them in. Good luck!


PS: Watch your resolution, if you were to happen to fix the above, it would have been hit with poor image quality. Hate to be blunt, but it doesn't look sharp or of good quality.
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Thanks for your responses, I've been working on thinking before shooting my pictures. In the past I've had issues with just taking the picture with no consideration for obstructions, lighting, etc.

I agree on the watermark issue, I'll probably just re-upload and remove it. I think I evened the horizon up pretty good, of all the problems with my pictures, an unlevel horizon is the easiest to fix.

I'll try and re-crop first, I'm not particularly concerned about the tank cars to the Left, they aren't important to the shot.

I always work from the original resolution, which in this case was in the 5000 x 3500 range. I usually start over in order to avoid cutting so much off that the image becomes noisy and pixelated.

I worked on it a little bit, cropped it a bit closer to the locomotive, and adjusted the horizon somewhat. Couldn't fix the high-sun issue though. The image is attached.

The second attachment has a bit more cropping and color adjustment.
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