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Default What is the key sequence when "working" a photo

Everyone has a fave way of doing this, but there must be some basic keys to the best results. I resize then do final sharpen. Comments

"Thanks for looking"

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I do my post processing in the following order. Almost all of these are as needed, a perfect photo will require only resizing and some light sharpening:

1. Rotate
2. Crop
3. Resize
4. Color Adjustment (or B&W conversion)
5. Brightness/contrast
6. Sharpen
7. Save (at highest quality for RP use)
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I generally do it this way, and it depends on each individual picture, adjust the white balance, adjust the exposure, color saturation, color tone, possibly apply some noise filters, then convert it from raw to jpg, correct any camera distortion, level, crop, possibly adjust the color, resize, sharpen, and save.
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Christopher Muller
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This is my process...
1) resize.

Since I take perfect photos every time, I never need to do anything other than that. Ok, that was a horrible lie.

Generally I'll look at the shot and either say, wow that turned out nice... or... which way do I need to work this one.

1) rotate.
2) crop (I always shoot wide).
3) expsoure.
4) contrast.
5) saturation.
6) color balance.
7) shadow/highlight (minimally use, but if needed).
8 ) sharpen/USM (always sharpen a little).
9) resize
Any of my steps between 2 and 8 can be switched around. There are a few other tools I'll use as needed. If submitted to RP.net, I'll repeat step 8 as needed.
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