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Default Any hope for this one?

Hello all! I was wondering if this is worth an appeal.


I like the shot, as it focuses on the human element of railroading. Should I try again on a sunny day? I sort of like the cloud effect though, as it sort of sets the stage of how the engineer is feeling about the 115 mile + journey. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by IC 6071
I like the shot, as it focuses on the human element of railroading. -Adam
It seems to focus more on the cab of the engine. The engineer is just a footnote in the picture. A closer shot of him doing something on the engine might work, where the engine is simply the stage on which he is standing, or climbing, or reading orders, or something else where he is the focus.

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Maybe if the crewman was climbing up on the loco, I would be more inclined to say there was hope. Other wise, it's a close up of an engine with a dude walking into frame. You cut off his feet too.

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