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Default CSX could Move Columbus OH Intermodal Yard

Here is a copy of what was listed on the Bellefontaine Examiner website, the link to the page is http://www.examiner.org/new_nov_11/news_723.php

BELLEFONTAINE - Dozens of trains pass through Logan County on CSX Corp.'s railroad every day, but local efforts may bring a halt to some of that traffic.

Holly Childs, president of the Greater Logan County Area Community Improvement Corporation, recently met with the Central Ohio Transit Authority to talk about relocating a $30 million CSX intermodal rail yard from Columbus to Logan County.

Intermodal yards are way stations where freight containers are transferred from rail cars to delivery trucks and vice versa.

"This intermodal center would be a great economic catalyst for Logan County and would create more than 1,000 jobs," Ms. Childs said. "The rail yard seems to be a good fit for Bellefontaine, given its railroad history."

Landing the rail yard along with the accompanying warehousing, transportation and distribution services would strengthen and diversify the local economy, she said.

Ms. Childs approached COTA because it appears the authority's first choice - a 250-acre site in Marysville - may not work out.

Marysville residents and governmental officials are opposed to the rail yard, primarily because housing booms in that area are already taxing community resources and services.

COTA is in the preliminary engineering and environmental study phase for a light rail project that would connect the Columbus downtown with Polaris Amphitheater.

A draft environmental impact study, set to be released in the fall, will include the Marysville site along with alternatives such as Logan County.

The current CSX rail yard is located along a 10-mile stretch of railroad that COTA wants to acquire from the rail company. Part of the deal requires COTA to find a suitable location, acquire the land and construct a facility for CSX.

COTA's President and CEO Ron Barnes said, "Intermodal freight is used to bring in a significant amount of consumer products used in homes every day. (It) is also used to ship products that are manufactured in the central Ohio region for distribution outside the region."

Ms. Childs said, "We are very early in the process of discussing this project, but it appears to have tremendous economic potential."

For Bellefontaine Mayor Robert Lentz, the project offers a magnitude of economic benefits.

"We can't afford to ignore such a tremendous opportunity for new jobs and investment in our area," he said.
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Are they considering using the old NYC freight yards or a different site?
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First it was Marysville, then Marion, now it's Bellefontaine. Next month it will be Urbana on the I&O with CSX having rights. LOL

If an intermodal yard was to be built in Bellefontaine maybe CSX would base a small helper station there also, being that CSX trains die on the grade through Logan County.
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I am not sure where in or around bellefontaine they are considering putting the yard, I would love to see it put on the west side of Bellefontaine(closer to me!), Honda may play a role in this as this would be a decent location for them for the plants in Marysville and Anna, as well as being closer than Columbus
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