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Default MRL trackage finaly gets upgrade

As of this week (July 8-14) MRL tracks between Billings and Laurel yard are being upgraded from sectional, to welded rail, of a distance of about 6.3 miles. The rails have been sectional since the late 40's.

See article at:
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Thats good.....so now traffic will be faster for them.They need to do this now before the SD70ACes come.Sectional tracks really take a toll on the wheels of the engines and cars.

Now if they could do this to the IC&E in my area.this trackage was Ex-IMRL/SOO/MILW.They finally are upgrading the signals and maybe eventually they will replace the sectioned track to welded track.
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I am really glad to hear that, its nice to see that somebody gives a crap about shortline railroads. I really like the MRL, its one of my favorite RR lines. I wish more and more shortlines would get better funding, i know that the copper basin railway down here could use a little extra cash. The track has hardly enough ballast and the engine paint is starting to go down hill. But i am glad to hear good news
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