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Originally Posted by crazytiger View Post
Paul, I'm not gone yet, but I will be in about 18 hours. I have managed to come to Naperville and have yet to see someone else trackside. I did have someone drive by when I was standing at the Loomis St. crossing in a Black X-Terra and I noticed that the guy riding shotgun had a BNSF hat on. As he was crossing the tracks, he yelled, "FOAMER!!" I yelled back, "YEP!!" No clue if it was employee or fan. Also, in Wheaton today, at the College Ave. station, I had an ill-informed station agent sincerely warn me not to take pictures. She said, "It's against the law." I asked as of when, assuming she would say 9/11, which she did. She went on to say, "If the police see you, they will arrest you and take your camera." Little did she know that inside, I was rolling in laughter, but also quite concerned by her ignorance. I hope to get to Bensenville tomorrow, but it's a long shot. Anyway, got some good BNSF, AMTK, METX, and UP action so far.
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