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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
What if the train wasn't there and I still pointed it out as being unlevel. What would I be counting then? What do landscape photographers count when they point out an unlevel horizon on sunset shot? The waves in the ocean?
Would you discount a brilliant landscape shot because it was .27789 degrees unlevel?

You guys are obsessing over a wiener issue. I'm not going to do that--I was only pointing out the OCD tendencies of those who place such a major priority on that issue. If that's what you want to do---knock yourself out.

For the record, I went out this morning and shot the NS LV unit (8104) at Stonega, VA (after getting a heads-up that it was up this way). I got about 25 or 30 shots, then came home and picked out three to upload to Yes sir---I actually "leveled" one. When I looked at it on the screen, it looked great. But---I threw the grid on it--and sure enough, it was about 1 degree off. I rotated it and finished resizing it for No one is perfect, eh?

It's a very nice shot (pretty much a meat and potatoes sunny day scene--but "pretty"), but I'd bet my next pension payment that's guys would have rejected it had I not done that. Why? Because that's obviously a big deal to them....and to many of you guys. And, that would have been a shame, because (again) it's a nice shot. Many good photographers among us would have said "screw it" rather than go through the exercise of "leveling." And---we would all thus be denied seeing a lot of great images. Too many rivet counters, too few train viewers.

Enough said...this is like beating a horse that's not only dead, but has completely decomposed.
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