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Default Canon T1i Battery Problem

I have a Duracell "copycat" of the LP-E5 battery for the Rebel T1i, and I use it in a third party battery grip alongside the original Canon battery. All has been good, have noticed no obvious difference between the two, until lately, when I put the Duracell in the charger, it causes the red/green light to blink continuously between the two. The Canon original does not blink, just shows solid red until charged, then green. I'm therefore thinking that the Duracell has reached an early end of life.

Note that I also have a Lenmar version of the LP-E8 for the Rebel T3i (used in the same manner as described above), and it does not make that charger blink. However, I'm not certain that the behavior of that charger's light is the same. Has anyone else had a battery (or charger) that mimics this behavior?
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