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Default Need some advice on a "borrowed" photo

There have been a number of posts in the past by people whose photos have been appropriated by others without their permission, but until now, I have never been so "honored". However, I just picked up the March 2015 TRAINS magazine, and in looking through it found a very familiar looking photo in the ads at the back. Specifically, in the ad for the Izaak Walton Inn under the directory of tourist lines and rail museums, I saw my photo. This photo:

Image © Jonathan Hallman
PhotoID: 490050
Photograph © Jonathan Hallman

I've looked at the photo in the magazine repeatedly to be sure - it's the same crop, the same clouds, the same shadows, everything. Except, of course, the little black bar at the bottom of the image showing who took the picture.
I'm flattered that someone liked my image enough to use it to advertise the Inn, of course, but bothered that they didn't bother to reach out to ask permission. My question is, who do I contact first to find out who chose the photo. Should I start with TRAINS, or with the Izaak Walton Inn? Is it likely that the Inn staff chose the image, or that they just hired an ad agency to place the ad for them?

Thanks for any advice you all might have.

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