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Gregory Wallace
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Default Question about locomotives spotted on I-40 in TN

The locomotives aren't running on I-40 ... well, let me explain.

I drive from Memphis to Nashville twice a week on I-40. There are a LOT of tractor-trailers, and for a long time I've been seeing some freight on the back of flatbeds that looks strangely familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

But today, I finally figured out what those things are: they're the outer rear housings of locomotives, unpainted and empty -- just shells, so to speak, painted primer-green, two-to-a-flatbed. (The protruding flared radiator thingies finally gave it away). I'm terrible at ID'ing locomotives, but they look like GE AC4400CWs... or something similar.

So I wonder: does anyone know where they're coming from, and where they're headed? They're ALWAYS headed east, by the way. I just wonder where the final assembly plant might be. I see these almost every week, sometimes several per trip. Must be a lot of them getting built.
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Lord Vader
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GE has a fabricating plant in Monterrey, Mexico, so they MAY be coming from there. Destination for assembly is Erie, Pennsylvania. GE has a tremendous lot of orders on the books right now, so you'll be seeing those quite a bit.
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Why can't they ship train parts on...well...trains? Seems kinda logical. But whatever GE wants to do is fine with me, as long as they keep rollin' out more locomotives!
Joe LeMay

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Jonathan Guy
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Default Train parts go by truck...

Ever notice how many sets of freightcar wheels/axles you see on flatbed trucks vs. railcar shipments. Kinda makes one wonder.
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