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Originally Posted by JimThias
How so?
Only in that they were such a big part of our lives 25 years ago, and now people haven't even heard of them anymore.
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In my stereo system that I'm using to listen to David Gilmour at this very moment, I can play every music medium I've ever owned.
LP, tape, CD, and mp3 (as well as any other digital format my computer can decode)
I think any format that gains wide acceptance will be around and accessible for quite some time.
Here's a good question: How easy is it to make a plugin for decoding proprietary RAW formats? If it can be done without a huge amount of effort, I can't see RAW files going anywhere fast.
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
Well, I suppose I opened up a big ole can of worms bringing up CDs. My point was the odd and usually erroneous misinformation that usually comes with new technology. Note I talked only about music CDs in the 80s and what people said then. I never said anything about burning music or photos to CDs today. But obviously it's hard to seperate one from the other, esp. on a forum dealing with digital photography.

Archiving my stuff is one aspect I'm way behind in. I've already lost a lot of my first images to a computer crash. I don't burn CDs nearly as often a I should and I'm just now getting my external hard drive set up. Hell, for that matter, I'm still way behind labeling my slides I took pre-March, 2004!

Now, where is my Def Leppard "Hysteria" CD that I bought in 1988?

No reason to lose stuff to a crash anymore. 1 Trig Xternal HD is $200. Can be wset up to auto-save as often as you want. I do my pix on an Xternal HD, then dup 'em to another HD

"Thanks for looking"

It is a proven fact that birthdays are good for you. The people with the most always live longer!
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Going back a bit....there is an example of a RAW compared to a jpeg in this thread which I posted late last year.

I always shoot RAW now and would not go back to just jpeg.
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RAW, like the camera, is a tool.
I use it to increase the number of useable shots. Considering the time, money effort of getting these photos, it only makes sense for me to use anything I can.
Really, the ability to save a shot I the greatest reason for me to use RAW.

(My response to a previous thread.)
Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I have been digital for 2 years and RAW-only for one.
I started using Apple's Aperture 6 months ago and my workflow, is I think as streamlined as it can be.
I import cr2 off the camera directly with no more than creating a folder, and clicking import.
I am former side shooter and I know my equipment.

Still, crap happens and I'm amazed what RAW can do.

This one
Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 242973
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey

came from the one below (at least 2 stops over exposed)

If this had been Kodachrome, it would be a goner.

I love how digital exponentially increases my keepers.
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I shoot RAW. When I first started using a DSLR I only shot jpg images. For a brief time, about 3 months, I wondered into the world of RAW but wasn't aware of how to properly make the best of the image and reverted back to jpg. After some conversations with John Ryan I decided to give RAW a second chance and haven't looked back since. I think everyone here will eventually regret not shooting RAW, I know I do. I am a purist. When I take photos I try to get them as close to perfect as possible with the camera on scene. RAW allows me complete creative control in post processing to get the best looking photo possible.
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I've been shooting .raw for the past month and I see an improvement in how my shots come out. Not a huge improvement, but an improvement nonetheless which is good in my book. Like Brad I am a purist in the sense that I don't like to play around with my photos much; I just want it to look like what I saw when I was there. Generally my processing is fairly short, usually I only adjust gamma, color temperature, and sharpness before converting unless the shot needs some special attention. I still do like knowing that I have the original, untouched shot around so I can make just about any adjustments that I need.
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