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Default Prescreen Please: Is this Worthy???

Hello Guys,

Yes, after a long time away, I'm back!

I missed you guys!

Well, after some rejections, in the end of last year, i am getting just like my mates from Airliners.net, asking A Prescreen!

Heres the shot: [NW189230, at Hog Island Spur], Philadelphia, PA]


The file was resized down, but i have the original size to upload, width:1024, height:632, file size:559kb.

So, this is not a Roster, like i usually do, its a train shot. By the experience from all of you, is this worthy to upload, or i will waste my time???

Best Regards,

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By the experience from all of you, is this worthy to upload
Welcome back, but that shot's not worth the upload...
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I don't think it will make the cut. Unless there is something really spectacular happening in the background going away type shots are not accepted.
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Joe the Photog
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I suggest you take a quick look through the database and see if you find ANY shots like that. If you find one remotely similiar, go ahead and ulpload it. They prefer the shots to be focused on the other side of the train.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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Going away shots are accepted you just have to make them interesting. Such as my picture with the spring blossoms and the colors of the newer GEVO that was leading the train. Also keeping the rule of thirds in mind as well.

Image © Wayne Stumbo
PhotoID: 233967
Photograph © Wayne Stumbo

Your shot would have been nice had the locomotive been in the lead. As a matter of fact the nose light would have been great had it been a loco instead the tail end of a NW gondola.

As far as that getting accepted I think they would get it on composition or probably uninteresting angles.
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I think it would have been good if the locomotives could be seen better, say if they were going around a curve and you could see them. Those shots seem to be pretty neat.
-Mike W.
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