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Default Burglarized!

I decided to take a little trip up to Georgia for the weekend, just got a call from the Sheriff's department telling me my house and the one next to me had been burglarized. My parents live about 30 minutes away and have a key, so the were kind enough to meet the cop at the house (they apparently cant go into a broken window(!?) to let them in and do their investigation.

My thoughts went straight to a few collectibles I have (a coin and stamp collection) and my photos both print and digital.

Once my folks got there, I told them where to look for a couple things, and it looks like the only thing taken was my stamp collection, which had hundreds of stamps going back to the 1800's which my grandfather gave me before he died. I had my camera gear and laptop with me, if this had been done on a weekday, they would have gotten that too.

They were able to jimmy my side gate, then used a bat or crowbar or something and broke a side window and climbed into the house through it, same with the neighbors house.

This totally sucks, I live in a nice neighborhood and dont expect stuff like this to happen. I guess I am lucky they didnt take more, or destroy the house.

They apparently didnt even take my checkbook which was sitting on my nightstand. Also, 24 hour on call glass repair guy charged me $350 to fix the window (WTF!).

When I get home tomorrow, I will go through and more thoroughly do an inventory. I hope nothing else got taken.

Anyone else go through this?
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