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Paolo Roffo
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Default And yet more cropping...


I seem to be in a slump lately as far as the screeners go. The only thing I can figure for this one is that its a little too tight on the sides. Any other thoughts?
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ME 488
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Paolo, to me that's an awesome shot. Maybe I'm a little bias considering I'm from Maine and there are hardly any B&ML shots on RP, but I like it a lot. My guess is that the screener wanted a horizontal crop showing more of the train.
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Joe the Photog
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It doesn't help for my tastes that I had to scroll down to see the reflection. I looked at the shot for a few seconds on my monitor, saw a pole coming out of the top of the 70 tonner, saw a little fig or whatnot at the front and thought, "non perfect roster shot." The reflection, in my opinion, does not add much to the shot because I'm still left wanting to see more of the train behind the power.

So, yes, horizontal, not vertical.
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I like the reflection. I think the image is tight, especially on the left.

I'm also surprised it didn't kick out automatically for being 1000 pixels tall. I would cut that down to 900, that is what I use for verticals on RP. Or, to make sure people see that there is stuff at the bottom, go with 600 wide and then whatever height matches up with that. 600, I believe, is a minimum width for RP on a vertical.
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I think you would have been better served to do a landscape crop (horizontal) versus vertical in this instance. Seeing more of the train would help it I believe. Also as Januz mentioned, it is awful "tall", I tend to do 900 or 950x600 when possible on these types.
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There appears to be nothing wrong with the composition.

Maybe it could of been better but the same could apply to
nearly every photo accepted today. So why was this one
singled out as unacceptable?

It goes back to my opinion that a new rejection should be
created called "I don't like it".

I'd appeal it.

A note to the screeners;
A "comment to the photographer" would go a long way towards reducing the appeal rates while at the same time making this
a much more enjoyable site. I'm not suggesting every image get this special
treatment (though a few further preedited comments might go a long way),
but more specifically when it is apparent a lot of work went into a photo, or
the photo is not easily repeatable - or perhaps even selectively to the core
group of patrons (those who contribute often in a positive manner).

The message I received from my last appeal was much appreciated and had
I gotten it on the rejection instead, I would not have appealed nor been
frustrated on what I thought the actual rejection referred to.

As for this image - I'm not sure how it could be improved - it's not a photo of
the entire train - it's obviously focused on the engine alone which fits. The
reflection makes it more then a roster shot. The dimensions are acceptable
(I also submit verticals at 1000 pix high (I think that is max
as 1024 wide is max horizontally). One oddity - it appears the
pole in the reflection has floated away!)

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ME 488
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I would definitely appeal if you don't have anything horizontal. I'm not familiar enough with the location to know what's possible there, so maybe vertical was your best option. I know everyone on the forums hates poles growing out of engines, but I've never actually heard of a shot being rejected for it. I don't think that's enough to keep the shot off RP.
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As for the pole disappearing in the water, it makes perfect sense because the angle from the water would be low enough to miss the pole. Maybe you could just crop the reflection and leave out the real thing.
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