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Default Horizon Unlevel ?


I leveled this using the flagpole in the background on the right and the green lamp post on the left, both which are 90 degrees from horizon in person, and both are 90 in the image. Also, look close at the stations buildings along the walkway on the right (the dark red and white), in the contrast on the buildings you can also see those are a perfect 90 degrees.

If the tower is the issue, that cannot be used to level the photo, obviously low angles like this with a building that close will give the illusion that part of its slightly tilted, I'm sure I don't need to point that out to a screener on here.

If I rotate it left or right in any way, then this will not be true to the real location, any ideas what they are having a problem with?
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File Not Found!
The document you have requested cannot be found. The document may have been deleted, moved, or you may have typed the referring link incorrectly.
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