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David Harrison
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Default Urban Transit Photography

Hello Everyone

This is my first week here and it has been enlightening. I've got four pictures accepted, but as usual a lot that I though were good didn't come close. If I learned anything, I learned the screener love sunlight. They have little use for cloudy days.

I admit my target subject will be difficult at best....Chicago's "L". Being urban there's always something behind, next to, and many time beneath. I have been criticized for angle errors but this is how we see our "L". It's from angles, not across wide open spaces. My Lake Street shot that was accepted does show the way.

Here are three that to me are classic poses. The rejection isn't clear what's being rejected, the "L" train or the structure. I wait for any input others can give me.




David Harrison
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Good idea with the cropping and stuff. Were these photos taken in the middle of the day, or late morning? You should always ask yourself that question, especially if you shoot during warmer months.

RP does not like it when the sun is so high up. I would come to those places, during warmer months in the late afternoon, early morning, and /or mid morning. In fact, when shooting rapid transit, commuter, or Amtrak corridor services, they would have to run trains throughout the day, to some degree.

Keep shooting, and remember to follow the important guidelines.
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First of all, welcome to RP! You've had some interesting and creative acceptances, so congrats. All three are cool angles that just need to be shot in better lighting. The sky in the first one is way blown out, so it's not for RP, and the second two suffer from that blah, over-baked lighting that occurs midday in the summer. Messing around with post processing can help that out a little, but you're at a greater disadvantage than the rest of us with high sun b/c you're looking up...the best way to deal with high sun is to look down on your subject!

Additionally, the first two shots have acquired some image quality issues somewhere along the line. Bottom line: you've got an eye for a shot, just learn to make your light work for you and visit the forums when in need of help. They're many more experienced opinions here than mine!

-Nick McLean
Greenville, NC
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