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Question High sunlight

Since a year now, I upload pictures to RP, but just 50 photo's make it to the database for now. That's about one out of many photo's I uploaded .
From most rejections as "bad cropping", "obstructive objects", "shadows", etc. I learn. They make me a better photograper .

There's only one rejection I can't manage and that is "poor lighting (high sun)" .

Also my latest upload (http://www.railpictures.net/viewreject.php?id=702469) was rejected by that reason. However this picture is taken in summer, it was 9:25 am in the moring. That's no high sun! Not even when you live along the equator . A photo taken 10 minutes before was approved.

It's more frustrating that I've pictures uploaded and approved that were taken in summer months at noon. Are there any gidelines in that matter to avoid high sun, except from leaving home before 5:00 am?
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Don't get crazy about the High Sun rejection. In this case, they mean Poor Lighting. The lighting, in their eyes, is not as pristine as they want it for what amounts to a roster shot. They see shadows on the front of the unit and since it's almost July and since they see a lot of high sun shots, they automatically hit the High Sun rection.

I think you should let this one go as it is a roster shot and it's not as perfect as a roster shot should be.

And 50 shots in a year? That's not bad at all. I bet I haven't had 50 shots accepted this past 12 months, certainly not that have been taken in the past 12 months.
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