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Aaron Jors
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Default Watermark/Copyright on Photos

Are you allowed to put your own watermark on your photos other than the railpictures one? The below exceprt is from the photo submission guideline and would suggest that you are able to do that. Am I understanding this correct?

Text/Copyright Limitations:

Copyright text is allowed as long as it kept to a single line and is not distracting from the image.
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Darryl Rule
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Yes, you can. I have seen a few guys who use their own. Not many though.
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Christopher Muller
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If you put a watermark on your photos, I imagine they would be fair and allow you to post your own watermark as long as it doesn't take away from the image. I've seen the RP.net watermark on some photos accepted and some are too noticable, to the point where it actually takes a bit away from the photo. I wouldn't expect a photo to be accepted if it were other than along the top or bottom of the photo.
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