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Default Transsiberian (the movie)

Has anyone else seen this movie? Thumbs up or down?

I rented this movie from RedBox in Bemidji, I hadn't heard of the
movie until I saw a train on the front cover and decided to rent it.
The movie is about a Russian drug ring and some American tourists
that get caught up in the middle of it. Of interest to railfans,
Woody Harrelson is one of the main characters named Roy who happens
to be a big railfan. His stereotypical (and for the most part
accurate) representation of a railfan is comical. In a scene in the
movie he is off the train at a station stop and checking out the
trains. While he and another male are walking around he sees some
steam engines and proclaims, "look at these coal burners, I'm in

Later in the movie he is left behind by the train and when his
significant other reaches him on the phone the speak of the next
train he'll catch and the delay he will encounter, he says, "I'm not
complaining, gives me a few more hours to check out these coal
burners. This place is like a treasure cove of trains."

If those references don't get you laughing, he also is talking about
his significant other and problems they are having and he says, "I'm
just a guy who works at a hardware store that has a train set in his
basement." Then towards the end of the movie he ends up making a mad
dash to save their lives by stealing a train. He says, "I've driven
these in train simulator, it'll be a breeze." Needless to say it
ends with a surprise.

This movie is rated R which I thought was a little heavy as I didn't
think it was too much over PG-13. Well worth the $1 rental at RedBox
and the railfan humor was excellent for a mainstream movie.
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