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Default Rare Steam. Worth It?

Allow me to explain, Back on October 27-28th, the Manitou and Pikes Peak ran #4, a one-of-a-kind Baldwin Compound 0-4-2T cog steam engine for testing. Unfortunately, I was only able to shoot it on the 28th, which was far cloudier then the previous day. Regardless, after many runbys (9) and free coach rides (2) I decided to try getting one on here. I wrote to the screeners about why it was rare, in short, this was the first time the steam engine was under steam since 2010, and the first time it ran with passengers since '91. I also mentioned why it was cloudy and back lit, in short, It was high clouds, and the station is in a valley so sunlight is a precious commodity. I sent in my image and it got rejected for bad color. No big deal, I can fix that.


What I want to know is, even with the history of this, and my reasons why its cloudy n' stuff, should I continue to try and get it on, or leave it for Flickr? Thanks!
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You state it's the first time the train has ran since 2010 and the first time with passengers since 1991 - if it was the last time, you'd be on better ground.

Still - it IS news regardless of the weather and luck you had in timing the capture within that time span. That being said - I would hope a slight tweak would get it in. Take another look at it - way to colorful for the conditions.

It's a shame admin has yet to see the benefits of less vague rejections. I'm sure if they simply stated "over-saturated" you'd have already fixed it and had it back in the queue.

Question is - will they prefer to wait for a sunny day shot vrs add to the one shot already submitted even though not as illustrative as your own in regards to showing the operation. Suppose you could go B&W, as well.

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