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Cool Flickr "versus" RP

Let me say at the beginning, I feel Flickr and RP are very complimentary and I expect to continue posting at both. But I find the difference interesting and appealing.

RP is something of a well ordered gallery, where a curator and his assistants have selected certain images they think will sell and hung them in the front of the store. The curator also has a back room full of images he thinks might have potential. But net net the gallery is run by the curator who picks images he thinks will appeal to his clientele. Artists visit occasionally if they think they have an image that might interest the curator, and lookers will visit if they are looking for the kind of image the curator picks.

Flickr is more like visiting a photographers dark room while he works. And a bunch of very different photographers have their dark room side by side. It is a bit like a bazaar. It has all kinds of stuff in it, some good, some bad. But it has a spontaneity about it that RP lacks. There is a certain chaos, but the chaos has an appeal. The 'photo stream" approach provides a better chance of getting a feel for what a photographer is all about because you are more likely to see his misses as well as his successes. It is also easy to peruse hundreds of images of all different types to see what might be of interest to you.

Using Ron Flannery as an example, since he brought this whole Flickr thing up, I have been enjoying his images on RP for years. Through RP I have been able to focus on a few of his images. Now that he has posted several hundred to Flickr I have been able to enjoy a much greater variety of his work and perhaps get a better understanding of his style, perhaps even his thought process.

Very different venues. I obviously like both. The more places to post pix the better!
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