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Mike Mautner
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Default Underexposed Rejection Help!

Hello, this image was rejected for being underexposed. Alot of my images look this way. Any tips or tricks to correct this.
Many Thanks!
Mike Mautner
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bnsf sammy
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If you have a photo editing software, such as PhotoShop, you can lighten the image using a lighting/darken tool. Nice shot by the way with the spray painted patches.
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Give this a try. I used the "Auto Contrast" feature and lightened it up +8 in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
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The easy way to avoid underexposing isn't in post processing, but instead is to take it with proper exposure. If you can control the shutter speed and f stop, bring them down a step or two. If you do not have that kind of control, I assume that your camera is being confused by the bright color of the engine, so try to meter of something that better represents the lighting of the subject.
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while it is best to expose the immages properly at fist some times that is not possable. I have found that when shooting amtrak trains the silver of the trains tends to wash out if the sun is angled properly. but if i under expose them 2/3 of a stop then the train is fine. This of corse is where photoshop come in.

I like useing the levels tool to adjust the general levels and if need be each individual color, but more often just fixing that with the color ballence. the brightness contrast too is great too.

You can tell your shots underexposed just by looking at the sky. it looks rather gray and not blue. It just dosent look right. A little post production work should clean that up pritty well. Otherwise nice shot

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