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lost bouy
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Bad Cropping: http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...&key=546329784

Poor Esthetic Quality: http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...&key=178653104

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1) You need to cut a bunch off the top, darken the picture and resubmit preparing for a Backlit Reject.

2) Let this one go, there is really no question about it.
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#2 no way
#1 not full nose lite, too much space in front
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Greg P
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Both images are back lite badly, and the second one isn't railroady enough for RP.
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I would try the first one. The backlighting isn't terrible, and I see some backlit shots on RP. I think it depends on the screener, so maybe you will get lucky.

On the contrary to what Peter said, I think you should crop some off of the bottom, but it might not matter much.
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You all are seriously misleading him telling him that first shot is backlit........especially since he's still learning the whole which side of the tracks to stand on thing. From that angle it shouldnt be a problem, especially on EMD Standard cab. Crop some off the top and bottom and it should have a fair chance.

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Here's your problem with #2. You didn't execute the light well nor the composition. I don't even know what affect you were trying to achieve with the light this time but it ain't working. And with the composition, you got the kid looking out of the frame and a bunch of junk next to them. When trying to incorperate people and trains, much more thought needs to go into it.



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