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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
Serious question. How does one define consistency when this web site has multiple screeners working on photographs and criteria that is nothing but subjective? I don't understand what kind of consistency folks are expecting other than that their shots always get on.
Some of it (poor aesthetic quality) is subjective

Some of it (no light on nose, unlevel, etc) is absolutely objective

Some specifically that I linked as comparisons absolutely positively fail the objective, evidence based analysis and site guideline (rule) that there be light on the nose

If photos were purely screened for artistic (subjective) content, you would have more of an argument, but when photos are routinely rejected for objective reasons, and others, which fit the same description are approved, you have the situation we have

Same thing with the screened photo comments. Some comments are rejected for nebulous reasons, while others which contain phrases like "your photo sucks cock" are approved...
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Joe the Photog
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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Some of it (no light on nose, unlevel, etc) is absolutely objective.
To a degree, maybe. Here's the thing about nose light. Everyone uploads their own shots knowing it's not perfect nose light and bitch and complain if the shot is not accepted. But then when a shot by another photog is accepted with light they think looks the same, they bitch that that one was accepted. Really, it's about bitching and moaning when our shots are not accepted.

I used to bitch and moan, too. I have a shot waiting to be screened that might be rejected. Three shots, really, for different reasons. If they are rejected with "fixable" reasons, perhaps I will resubmit. If not, there's a site called Flickr where I can post the same shots and another site called joethephotog.com where they might just sell. I'll survive if they don't make it on here.

Unlevel, by the way, isn't really objective entirely either. Folks bring those rejections here and often the opinions are all over the place. On some shots, it's not that easy to tell if it's CW or CCW, at least at a glance.
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