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Default Pennsylvania Shortline Help

Hello Everyone,

I'm in the planning stages of a trip to Pennsylvania and needed some info on some shortlines. Most of the information I found on these shortlines was very outdated, so I figured the experts could help.

How often does the Southwest Pennsylvania come into Connelsville? Do they come in on a regular schedule?

What can I find on the W&LE in the Pittsburgh region nowadays? I heard traffic was way down.

Does the Allegheny Valley Railroad run on a set schedule now or do they run on an "as needed" basis?

Where can I find info on the Gettysburgh and Northern? I'd like to know their rough schedule. What time can I find CSX in Gettysburg?

And while not in Pennsylvania, I heard that the South Branch Valley railroad lost its major customer. Are they still running on a daily basis? If so, do they have a schedule?

Thanks in advance,
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