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I believe there are different expectations when submitting to a magazine. Doesn't one expect a small fee if their work is used in a publication? Well, that's not the case when uploading here. If anything, we're providing revenue for the site without expecting anything in return, other than perhaps personal satisfaction and decent exposure if you care about that sort of thing.
True, monetary compensation is one of the benefits that a magazine publication has over RP, no denying that. But, the people who do submit their photos here do get something in return which you already mentioned: exposure and name recognition. There have been numerous folks who have had photos published by an editor or someone perusing the database looking for rail photos. The only money the site sees in that is the ad revenue; you, the photographer, are the one who gets to cash the check.

Plus, while photography is a personal endevour, it's nice to share your work with other folks. RP offers one of the best methods to ensure that your work gets seen by many folks outside of your normal circle of friends. It's a place to showcase your work; it doesn't get mired down in thousands of less-than-ideal photos like you see on other sites.

Likewise, my photos here have drawn many folks to my Yahoo! Group and the information that has been shared from various people from across the country (and even from other countires) would not have flowed as freely had they not seen my photos or clicked on links leading them to my Group.

So, while I am providing revenue to the site, it's not a one-way flow of compensation. Just because it's not lining my pockets by uploading here doesn't mean that I'm not benefitting from it...

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