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Default "Most of your pictures suck"

Bold title, good perspective. Some of the comments on the blog are fun to read as well!

Kurt Clark

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That's great... and so true.
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As a writer, I know how important it is to view one's own work with a critical eye. And this certainly goes for photography as well. I can safely say that most of my photos do, in fact, suck. And I'll go a step further...in my case, the ones that are decent enought to make the grade here result far more from good timing and good light than they do from my skill with a camera or with Photoshop.

I am not one who enjoys diddling with settings. In fact, setting up a shot is my least favorite aspect of photography. I realize fully that this means I will never be great. But I do have a relatively free schedule (being self-employed helps), and I can usually tell favorable weather/sun conditions from poor ones.

So far, the Railfan Gods have been good to me. They have graced me with good weather during my roadtrips, and fairly decent instincts that allow me to sniff out trains wherever they may be. And still, more than half of my photos, well, suck.

Yet, it seems that puts me in pretty good company.
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