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Default Forum exclusive - another sweet reject

Ladies and gentleman, pan fans everywhere - I present this PEQ for an exclusive private viewing on the Forums.

Unlike my WM 1/3' pace which was indeed flawed with a slight doubling of one number board - this 1/5th second pan was on the spot. In an attempt to further mix things up a bit in the pan world, and inspired by a photo taken by Ron Flanary (which happened to get an SC), I submitted the following photo.

Several shots were fired off in an attempt to keep the nose clear of obstruction. Note I was able to capture the full train as well as appealing windows through the woods that allowed the logo, windows and cab to be seen.

As a reference, here's is Ron's well received photo - in the database.

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 166130
Photograph © Ron Flanary

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