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Default Learn Reporting Marks

::to the sound of buzzing::

I kno wthis should go under Site Related Info but it seems like no one ever scrolls down that far so I decided to put it here. I have a word of advice for the contributors to the site that will help them and help others viewing the site. Pay attention to the information you are putting when you upload photos. I will not pick out the latest cases that "upset" me but some classic "CSX" instead of the proper "CSXT". If you are not 100% sure on a RR's reporting marks, look them up in the other photos here or find a roster online. If you are still unsure use what the majority of other contributors have used as it will make finding the shot easier (adding views) and it will be better for research purposes. For those who think this a trivial post please disregard but I am speaking for the people who come to this site looking for photos to be used in brochures (yes it happens), other websites and even magazines! Please be mindful what you enter into the fields before you hit the send button. Thank you for those who take into mind what I'm saying.
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I second that!

The worst situation is in Europe. Germany for example have at least 10 different names for Deutche Bahn. I think that there should be some strict rules for rail operators' names, locomotive types and road numbers. If one wouldn't comply to those rules the photo should be rejected for Bad info.

I'd like to add something to Andrew's appeal:

Thinking doesn't hurt! So please THINK before you enter anything into those fields, search for previously added photos, check your info and than send your photos! It really doesn't hurt!
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This right here is a case of majoring in the minors. Plain and simple.
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Originally Posted by VirginiaSouthern
This right here is a case of majoring in the minors. Plain and simple.
It causes lots of issues with the database. Chicago, IL, Illinois, USA, DM&IR 411, BNSF9249, et cetra. When invalid information is entered, the 'more...' feature doesn't work properly, which is too bad.
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This topic is nothing new and I think it's been brought up at least a half dozen times in the last year.

It's something you just have to deal with.
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The nice thing is that with the new text-based search field on the index page can be as vague as you wish.

It doesn't mean you will get anything at all, but the chances are good, you will get something. Build a search from there!
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One thing I did for a while is Amtrak's reporting marks are NRPC, I tried to use it in all my photos, but mods changed them to AMTK, and everyone uses AMTK. for the purpose of conformity, and having my images locateable under regular searches, I've gone to AMTK. I think I have only two NRPC images left.
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The UA Turbo Train is another similar example - listed as UA Turbo and Turbo and probably even Turbotrain. I look up each variation when I remember, and pick the most popular or stick to the correct version and add the variations to the comments.
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