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Default A Couple Shots I'm not sure about

Hello Everybody!

I have a couple shots here that got rejected, and I was wondering if I could get these on, or forget about it.

Here is the first shot:

Now for the second shot. I wanted to see if I could get it on, but I wasn't to shocked went it didn't. For this shot should I have been farther back, or is it to much of a roster shot?

Here it is:

-Alex Keth
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Both shots are top-heavy, especially the first one. You need to crop off much of the top and add some more space on the bottom if at all possible.

I don't think the second shot has a chance for RP, the angle isn't the greatest. However, you could probably get the first one accepted with a proper crop and some rotation.
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Thanks! I'm going to forget about the second shot, and work on the first one tomorrow.
Thanks for the help!
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The second shot isnt happening.

The first could use some less on the top, it's OK if you lose the top of the pole.
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