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Default Do you agree?


Does this really have bad picture quality? What makes this bad pictures quality? I did read the manual and had it set on the best picture quality the camera can do. PSP did not compress the photo while saving too.
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Appears to be pixelated.
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The signal bridge area is a mess. There are visible artifacts and pixellation around the signals rising above the bridge that are especially noticeable, but the entire bridge is problematic.

Actually, I just took an additional look, there are lots of problems. The entire margin where tree branches/leaves end and sky begins is just bad.

My guess, only a guess, is that you had poor sharpness and you tried to recover by doing a lot of sharpening. Sharpening has its strongest effect in places of transition and that is what I see here.
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The signal bridge stood out to me as well. It might be PSP and how you're saving your images...
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There are a great many jpg artifacts around the signal bridge and in other areas as well. The picture looks oversharpened to me, and the color especially in the foreground looks rather dull/washed out.

If your camera has settings for sharpening, contrast, etc. and you are using them I would suggest you turn them all off and do your sharpening and other adjustments with PSP.

Better yet, you might consider buying Photoshop Elements which will cost you under $100 and is worth every penny you spend on it.

Does your camera allow you to shoot in RAW format?
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