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Default Which one has a better chance?

Click image for larger version

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Which one of these shots has a better chance of making it? They are both downscaled to 23% of their original resolution, so I would probably submit cropped versions of copies of the originals (not downscaled). But which shot is better?
Took both of these today with my Nikon Coolpix L340.
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Short answer - neither. The first is way off-level and both have way too much nothingness for starters. The second isn't too bad level-wise so try cropping heavily all around so the train is more prominent in the frame. experiment with different crops to see what will work best, i.e. more sky or more foreground. Both are relatively featureless but I'd probably keep more foreground than sky. As for the sides, lose those poles off the left and crop just to the right of the pole on the right.

Click image for larger version

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Good Luck!

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I'm assuming that you are new to the site, and possibly new to railroad photography.

I suggest that you read a set of posts by Chase Gunnoe, a very accomplished photographer, and a member of the RP staff, written as a Railpictures Beginner's Guide.

The link is here:


This is a very informative guide, and will give you an idea of what is required of an accepted photo. You will also need to understand that even if you feel that a shot is worthy, it may be rejected and that's OK. Treat every rejection as a learning experience. If the rejection is for a reason that can be corrected, make the correction and resubmit. If not, let it go, and don't get stuck on insisting that an image is good enough. Every day, RP rejects images submitted by very experienced photographers, and that's part of the process.

I also recommend that you read the forums regularly. There is a lot to be learned by reading other contributor's ideas.

Good luck!

Doug Lilly
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Well you've had good advice from Wds and Doug above, so all I can say is to follow their recommendations and good luck!

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