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Default Bad Cropping by the Lake


Any suggestions on what to do with this?
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Nice try, but too much scenery, not enough train. You'll need to crop in severely from the right, bottom and top to get something that screeners may or may not find acceptable. You're also listing a couple degrees to starboard.
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Keep this one in your personal collection.
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I see things that instead of directing the eye to the train, they are pulling the eye away. The two culprits are the branches above and the stick in the water.

For this shot to work:

1. It must be level.
2. Use a lower camera level to get the branches above the not only the water but the clouds too. Avoid that stick in the water too.
3. The locomotive must be closer to the lower left ROT (Rules Of Thirds) point.
4. Give some snap to the color with Levels, Contrast and Vibrancy as well.

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