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Default Unusual Load on DODX Flats-What are These?

Spotted the evening of Sunday August 27 headed west through Verndale on the BNSF Staples Sub, a number (approx 12-15) of DODX 6 axle flats with loads as shown in these photos:


Looked to be made of concrete. Any idea of what the cargo is? I have no idea.

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I'm not 100% certain, but I believe those are some type of generator. That's about all I can guess, for what type of equipment, I don't know. Nice shots though ... I'd be a bit more careful about taking photos of any type of military trains and posting them in the future. Railroad security is beginning to tighten up more. I was in Fort Worth last week and did some railfanning near Centennial Yard, I was reported by someone (workers or train crews) to police who paid me a visit. I wasn't on RR property or anything just sitting on a guard rail. I wasn't run off, just asked what I was doing and everything was fine there after.

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They don't need to have security gaurds watching over it. It's just a piece of concrete... not that big of a deal.

It looks like a prefabricated support that would be buried into the ground, and something would be bolted on top of it. It might have been set out in Little Falls for another train to take to the military base spur in Camp Ripley.
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Well, if they don't want people taking pictures of it, cover it up.

If the train is going west (is on the westward track) they've already past Little Falls.
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As posted in...

Re: August 27-Evening in Verndale

I know what these are. I saw them ready for shipment from Puget Sound
Naval Shipyard about 3 weeks ago. Wonder where they are going so
They are mooring bouys. The large cylinder is the floating part, and
the small section attaches to a chain, and allows ships to moor in the
harbor, away from a pier.
Definately not nuclear casks, those are shipped on depressed flats with
an upright stainless steel cylinder with multiple stay wires locking it
into place.
mike vieau
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Those are department of defense flat cars so that load that you are asking about and those loads look like some sort of support for a bridge or something similar to that
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