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Default Seattle Railfanning

I'll be in Seattle in a couple of weeks and should have some extra time off to railfan. I know there is plenty of traffic around the area, so I was wondering what the best spots would be...while being able to use public transit and footpower. I'll be staying in W. Seattle, SW Alaska and California area. Any hlep would be appreciated, thanks!
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I was in Seattle area a few years ago for a short period. If you spend any time near the waterside area your sure to see some traffic. Down towards Safeco field and the new Seahawks stadium the tracks run right by both and just a bit further down from the ball park area is a yard. Don't miss out on the market area up the hill, it's a great place to shop and look around, loads of fresh seafood daily so don't miss it. Everything is within walking distance if you don't mind a few miles of hiking, the hills will wear on you though.

As for your California visit, I suggest that you make a trip to Tehachapi and see the loop first hand. Truly an awesome site when I was there traveling during the late winter/ early spring of 2005 and I was glad to see it. Bakersfield area has loads of traffic and if your up for a drive your can head to Barstow and see the BNSF yard. Traveling hwy 58, you'll see lots of places like Monolith cement plant, Edwards AFB, etc. Give yourself a full day to take it all in.

Further south, Cajon Pass is another place to visit. If you decide to pay the pass a visit, find out about the laws and where you can and can't go. I've seen some folks here in the forum talk about how they were visited by police and such while railfanning in Cajon so check up on the proper areas before heading into them. The Union Pacific yard in West Colton is relatively close by also. This will give you a good look at yard operations from Pepper Street which crosses over the yard.

Hope this helps and enjoy your travel ....

P.S. - Bring lots of film !!!!!!!
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