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Default I have to ask

What do I do with this bad color rejection?

1st attempt.

Toned it down by reducing saturation and red tint from that...
2nd attempt.

Toned it down more with less saturation etc. etc. from that attempt.....
3rd attempt.

I'd like to try and work this to acceptability and get those coveted 200 views and a favorite or two but I'm lost with this one.

Thanks in advance.
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Kyle Korienek
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You have a wicked color cast from what I am guessing is a mercury light, the only way I have found to fix that issue is to select just the locomotive and adjust the color cast and other various color settings to what is right. Your sky is correct, so I would not mess with that too much, just the locomotive, it needs to be white balanced and the color cast removed separately from the rest of the scene.
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This is what you're shooting for, though I don't know why you're trying to add an almost identical shot:

Image © Shawn Christie
PhotoID: 426635
Photograph © Shawn Christie

You might want to have Shawn fix the engine number on the accepted shot. It says 1353, but the picture clearly shows the 1352.

- Chris
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How's this version? Any closer? I personally think the yellow is closer to reality now and the snow is whiter than past rejected versions.

Name:  02-16-2013 168 copy3 copy copy copy.jpg
Views: 145
Size:  747.6 KB

Thoughts? Working with this image if there are still issues with bad color what are the areas of concern? or does the whole image still suffer?
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As Chris pointed out, make your image look like Shawn's.
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