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Default Aborted Railfan Outing

For almost two years I have been trying to get all of my new train buds here in Harrisburg together for a railfan outing. Something has always come up in the past to make it necessary to postpone the get together. Finally, Saturday, September 30, 2006, was set, and everyone was on board. We were to meet at a central location and load up in two vans. I had the route mapped, the walkie talkies charged, the scanner set up with an external antenna and routed through my van’s stereo, a clean 512meg memory card for the camera, and food and drink packed in the cooler. I picked up one of our group and headed for the rendezvous point.

Upon arrival (a local church parking lot), one of my friends asked if we could take a few moments and help his wife by setting up a few tables for the women’s bible group luncheon. Trying to keep things moving, I headed for the front doors in order to finish the task as quickly as possible. I opened the doors, stepped in, and . . . .

S U R P R I S E ! ! !

There was my wife, my in-laws, one of my daughter’s from college, some coworkers, church friends, and my pastor – along with yards and yards of black bunting and crepe paper with Happy 50th Birthday and Over the Hill prominently displayed.

Yes, I was so thoroughly absorbed in the planning and execution of our railfan trip that I was completely surprised. Thank God for good wives.
Rob Kitchen
Harrisburg, PA

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LMAO! Happy Birthday, anyway. Maybe you can railfan next Saturday.
Bret Stringer

I didn't say it was your fault.... I said I was going to blame you.

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Happy birthday, Rob! I hope that your day is great!

Nick Hart
Joliet, IL

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DOHHH! Ruined a perfectly good day of foamin'!

LOL, just kidding, Happy Birthday Rob, there will most certainly be other times.

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Happy birthday Rob.And hope to see more and more from your great work.
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I guess there's always next year

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John West
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Only 50? Just a young whippersnapper. Lotsa time for more railfan outings.
Happy birthday.

John West
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Originally Posted by hoydie17
DOHHH! Ruined a perfectly good day of foamin'!

Good one!
Hey, atleast the party wasn't a day when Ross Rowland decided to run the #614 over Sandpatch!

Happy Birthday Rob.

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