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Default Yet another "what's wrong with this picture question&qu

Hi again,

I'm sure many of you are tired of all the What's wrong with this picture questions, so I have another one for you all.


I had this picture rejected earlier today, and I want to know what to do to possible get it excepted, in other words how can I fix it. It was rejected for the reason of being to dark. Now, I recently learned that many peoples monitors can differ in there darkness, would that have effected it at all? To me this is a good, and somewhat rare shot, taken at about 7:00pm central time, so the shadows make sense. That is the colors of the engien, they aren't dark either. I would really appreciate any help anybody can provide for me, and any thoughts?

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I like this picture, however the people at Railpictures would have a different opinion. This picture is dark. There is very low contrast, and in my opinion you have a bad angle on the unit. I am not trying to destroy your picture but the screeners are most likely not going to accept this picture based on those reasons. You have to remember you dont own this site someone else does, they get to call the shots on what gets accepted. Everyone likes their own preference, and Railpictures are not fond of dark, poor contrast, bad angle photos.

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If I were you, I wouldn't try to re-upload the photo in question, not even as a black and white photo. It's dark, a little blurry, and really not a whole lot can be done about it. Just remember, the light makes all the difference in photography.
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I can tell that shot was taken in a fully shaded area (some sunlight can be seen in upper left corner). Those nose and pilot of the lead unit are a little blury. Try shooting at a different time of day when the area is better lit. When shooting later in the day, the sun is lower so its unable to "peak" above the trees.
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