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Default Gallery: Burned Out Buildings

Image ©
Photograph ©

Anybody, anybody?
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I have several... none that involve trains however
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Only some by other photogs. And I extend "burned out" to include structural decay of any type. I have not idea if fire was involved or not!

Image © Arne Brown
PhotoID: 198333
Photograph © Arne Brown

Image © Adam Vester
PhotoID: 276403
Photograph © Adam Vester

We are going to have so many galleries going that no one will get any help with their shots!
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Image © Janet Cottrell
PhotoID: 184507
Photograph © Janet Cottrell

Though I am pleased to report that a visit two years later found the station in the throes of being restored to it's former glory.
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HMMMMM, burned out buildings..........Detroit
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