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Default UA Turbo Train - you've seen the pics, now hear the sound!

Drool!! I'll make cult fans out of y'all yet....
Take a peak at these futuristic United Aircraft
Turbotrains seen here awaiting their sad fate,
doomed to history, and yet still the current US
speed record holder to this day.

Equipped with up to seven ST6 gas turbines, these
awesome domed sets must have been amazing to
watch and listen as they sped by!


Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 142216
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

Be sure to check out George Hamlin's incredible
Turbo photos (search "United Aircraft Turbotrain) as
well as Martin O'Toole's (search UA Turbotrain).

More info can be learned here:

Stop, look and comment!
Click Here to take a look at my photos on RP.

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Thumbs up Turbos and other Jet trains...

Cool photos, and thanks for the sound clip!

Also, that website was fascinating, a great read --added to my favorites!

I can't wait to check out the HO scale version at my local hobby store...even if it is a bit different from what I tend to model...

Anybody seen the Rapido HO scale passenger cars? My dad bought a coach in C&NW, and it is amazing ... great detail, especially on the underbody.

Speaking of jet trains...sure the Turbos are cool but what about....

Image © Jim Hinkhouse
PhotoID: 160390
Photograph © Jim Hinkhouse

Okay, thats enough foaming for one day!
Chris G

My photos at RailPictures.Net

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Good sound clip. I wish I had hte $ to get that beaut'. Paint it in my shortline scheme.
~Mike Bjork

UP's new slogan for Amtrak:
"We'll help you spread you wings and fly right into a siding!"

TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!!! May the fun never end!
I'm a traitor! Im on JP.net! But all my plane shots involve trains!

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Sweet Noise! It sounds like an airplane taking off!
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