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Default Finally, the Outbound 09 NS Derby train.

After my plans for Sunday where dashed by NS running out of crews in Louisville and not being able to run the Derby train out, I pretty much figured I would not get to shoot the outbound train this year at all. All day (Monday 05/04) I kept getting updates from some of the JREB gang while at work. At noon they where switching the train out, around 1330 they where getting ready to leave the yard, then followed a pair of Eastbounds out which really slowed their Eastward progress. With all the delays, luck was on my side and was able to intercept at Waddy (KY) and the usual high speed chase ensued till I ran out of daylight....or cloudlight, what ever it was

For the Fourth day in a row, Central Kentucky was socked in with clouds, rain and other nastiness, but that kinda worked in our favor as it allowed us to once again shoot some locations that would have otherwise been backlit for this move. That, and the fact they ran in a rather unusual A-B-A-B arrangement out of Louisville (to facilitate splitting the train in Danville) made it a worthwhile evening. I think this is the first time since the F units came out in their new life that they have ran like that. All of that, and the chance to see a "vestpocket streamliner" after the split in Danville made fighting the rain and clouds most worthwhile..

I have all of the days pics in my Pbase gallery located at this link, feel free to take a look. http://www.pbase.com/kd4jsl/2009_ocs

Here are 4 from RP.

Eastbound at Waddy Ky
Image ©
Photograph ©

Image ©
Photograph ©

My signature shot at Vanarsdale KY

Image ©
Photograph ©

After splitting the train apart at the Wye just outside of Danville KY, the Southbound version prepares to head for Roanoke.

Image ©
Photograph ©
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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