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Default Bad cropping

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on how I could crop this photo. I have tried a few times, but I messed up the size.
Nick Hart
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Crop up to the single green tree just on inside of the curve. This will allow you to chop off some of the foreground and sky.
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Christopher Muller
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These are hard angles to get in. I like the shots, however, not that many are in the database.
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I would crop off most of the ballast in the forground, and leave anything on the left that shows more train. On my monitor, the front looks a little overexposed.

On the original image, do your cropping, then resize for the web. If you could, very carefully select the nose only of the unit, and tone down the exposure a little. (You are burning-in, in darkroom terminology, not an image manipulation, but a heck of a lot easier to do in photoshop than in the darkroom.)
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bnsf sammy
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less sky..
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